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NEX Asia 1 & 2 was designed by ENN.

NEX South Asia 1 + 2: bespoke publications for UNICEF ROSA

Nutrition Exchange (NEX), an ENN publication, was approached by UNICEF Regional Office of South Asia (ROSA) to produce two publications – one on maternal nutrition and a second on improving diets of young children – based on regional conferences on these themes.

The solution

The brief was to work closely with authors and UNICEF regional office in Nepal to generate original articles (from nine countries in South Asia) and a series of podcasts. The role involved supervising the production team to create final products for both on and offline launches. Liaised with UNICEF to create a social media toolkit (primarily Twitter and Facebook) and communications’ campaign to publicise the launch of both editions of NEX South Asia.

[Judith Hodge, Director of Nutriat Ltd, was working as a consultant for ENN]

Nutrition Exchange South Asia 2

Nutrition Exchange South Asia 1

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