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Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement: Developing tools to set up & strengthen multi-sector platforms for nutrition

There was demand from stakeholders in SUN countries for help in setting up and/or re-invigorating SUN multi-sector platforms (MSPs), as well as demand for case studies and country examples of well-functioning MSPs. The final tools had to be ‘user-friendly’ and informed by practical examples. 

The solution

Consulted as part of an IDS-based team that developed tools for Multi-Sector Platforms in SUN countries. The toolkit design process involved a literature review of enablers and barriers for MSPs, country desk reviews and case studies (research trip to Kyrgyzstan for informant interviews and writing up Kyrgyzstan case study). Data analysis was used to inform final pathways of process to create or improve MSPs.

[Judith Hodge, Director of Nutriat Ltd, was working as a consultant for IDS]

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